Still Mountains

November 01, 2017

In the mountains you can breathe. You are stand at the top of the mountain and think you have all of the world underneath your feet. It’s an incredible experience. If you discover it for yourself, you will want to live it again and again.

Yeah, so I’ve started hiking and even rock climbing. It’s kind of funny that I’m just discovering it now. I lived near the mountains all my life but it never occurred to me to actually visit. Now I’m over 400 km away from the Tatras, and head over heels for them. The older I am, the more amazing things I discover, things to which I’d never paid attention. During the five years of my studies I concentrated on hermetic issues. I think I didn’t make use of that time properly. All I can do now is make up for it. And that is the plan.

It was the last warm and sunny weekend of this autumn when I took these photos. After just a few days snow covered the upper parts of the mountains, and it only took a few more days for it to reach the valleys. We got lucky, my friend D. and I. It was the last opportunity for us to see each other before she left for Germany and the weather was perfect.

It was already late by the time we reached Ornak. The sun was about to go down, but we were too dazzled. We kept going in circles over the ridge, not even thinking about going back. In the end it got dangerously gray. We made our way down in a hurry, but the darkness still caught up with us. It took us an hour and a half to reach the shelter. I’d never seen the sky as starry and beautiful as it was that night in the forest.


Got So High

September 13, 2017

Sometimes you just need to reset. Slow down for a bit and clear your mind. The mountains seem like the perfect place for that endeavor. So, as soon as I heard my friend was headed out to the Tatras, I knew I would follow in his footsteps.

I’d never ventured into the Tatran trails. I’d been in the mountains a few times, but it was nothing more than short trips. A few hours’ walk on easy terrain. I wasn’t expecting any exceptions to that rule and I carelessly left all the planning in my friend’s hands. When it started getting steeper and steeper, I still didn’t know how hard a trail we had chosen. The route to Świnica is the most difficult mountain trail in Poland, right behind the Eagle’s Path.

It was a damp, rainy day. There was mist all around, seemingly close enough for us to touch it. Now I’m glad it was there – it protected me from seeing the depths of the abyss right underneath. There were chains all over the rocks. Getting through that trail was hell… but heavenly at the same time. Purgatory. When I sat down on the mountaintop, with all of its 2301 metres of height underneath me, my legs were trembling. I hadn’t felt anything of this kind for a long time. The recognition that actually, quite a lot depended on where I’d place my hands. Maybe I’d never felt it at all.

After reaching the top of Świnica we set out in the direction of the Zawrat Pass and then to The Valley of the Five Lakes. The misty path led us amongst some unbelievably beautiful sights. Hollow and refreshing. I could keep wandering through there for hours and hours.

When we got to the mountain hut, freezing cold but happy, we found ourselves a bunkbed each and sat down in the main hall. There was fire all crackling at the logs in the fireplace, a crowd bustiling in merriment. I got high on the Tatras and truly fell in love.

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Here is another thought storage of mine, old, dusty, and abandoned, where I used to write while I was studying literary criticism.

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