Where I Lost My Heart, part two: islands

This story started here and tells how I found myself in Asia – Bangkok, to be exact – for the first time. It was an amazing experience!


The islands have their own micro climate. The aura is a bit different. No one is ever in a hurry. It can take thirty minutes just waiting for breakfast, but it’s alright. What on earth could be wrong?

We spent the most time on Koh Chang. It’s a big island that offers so much you can’t get bored. All our time was spent on travelling, meeting new people, swimming, partying and coming up with stupid ideas. It is true that Thailand is a totally touristic country. It has everything that young people with backpack could ever need. Luckily this island, Koh Chang, isn’t as crowded yet. I didn’t see even one loud beach even though I went to quite many.

We spent a few days on Koh Kood, a much calmer island. We competed on who’d swim out the farthest into the sea and fed fruit to the monkeys. We spent one whole day sailing and snorkeling by the nearby islands. It was then, when I was lying on the boat and had nothing better to do, that I thought of my first tattoo. No one will be surprised if I say it’s a compass. Three days later we landed in Chiang Mai and I had it done.

One time I talked Jaro into a trip that consisted of us just riding our scooters wherever. We rode on, constantly on the lookout for interesting spots, and we reached a few really amazing places this way. One of them was a fishing village built on stilts in the water. The houses weren’t really houses as we understand the word, just three walls and open space facing the pier. Everything made from wood and looking as if it was about to fall down. I spent quite a lot of time trying to understand the rules of the games played by the kids wading through the water, but there was no way. Maybe they were smarter than me and decided to gather up some seashells to sell at the local market.

We never hurried but still, the time on the islands went by too fast. Before we knew it we had to get going and set out yet again.

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